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Why Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

Did you know that it only takes an intruder a minimum of 60 seconds to break-into your home. The break in usually occurs in the rear of the home. This is also most often where you’ll find a sliding glass door. While most people remember to lock their windows and doors, they generally forget the sliding glass door needs just as much protection as any other door. At Surprise Secure Locksmith in Surprise, AZ, you can count on our representatives discussing in detail, the need to secure every inch of your home, including your sliding glass door. This is one of the easiest ways for an intruder to enter your home and that is why it requires just as much protection as any other door in your home; probably even more.

A thief will often seek out a home with a sliding door for so many reasons. We have decided to inform you of the many reasons why your home might become the target of a thief.

  • Convenient – Since the majority of these doors are designed to be used with only one lock it can quickly and easily be unlocked by using a simple screwdriver. This is especially simple for an experienced thief.
  • Advertising – Homeowners love the natural light that a sliding glass doors allows to permeate into the room. Despite this doors ability to allow a lot of natural light in, this feature can be one of its biggest drawbacks. Since this is why so many like this type of door, they often do not put any type of window covering over the door. This allows others to see what you have inside. Without anything to conceal what you have inside, you’re advertising to those on the outside, what you have. A thief is more willing to take a chance when they see what they stand to gain by getting into your home.
  • Quiet – Since you do not have to open and close the door, you don’t have to worry about it shutting too hard or slamming shut. They just slide on a track, back and forth without much sound at all. The fact that they are so quiet makes it possible for a thief to enter your home undetected.

Ways of Securing a Sliding Glass Door

Install a Wooden Dowel

A wooden dowel is the least expensive way to secure your sliding glass door. All you’ll need to do is a cut a dowel from a wooden broom handle and place in into the door tracks. With a dowel in place, despite the thief picking your lock, they will not be able to actually open the door. Just be sure to cut the dowel so that it is long enough to fit tightly in the track and have the thickness needed to make it sturdy. Another word of caution when you are cutting a dowel, make sure the dowel  isn’t too think that it will not fit into tracks.

Install Window Coverings

Not everyone enjoys having curtains, drapes or blinds on their windows. Despite the fact that it can affect the design aesthetics of your room, it is definitely beneficial in avoiding an intrusion. Again, using window coverings is another inexpensive and cost-effective way to avoid anyone from breaking into your sliding glass door. Don’t let them see what they stand to gain by breaking in. A thief is more likely willing to take a chance if they know what they stand to gain from their efforts.

Install Reinforced Locks

Again, sliding glass doors come standard with only one lock. It is a simple latch that then hooks onto the doors frame. Without any other lock installed on the door, it is very easy to open this type of lock. You should always reinforce your locks from the inside with an auxiliary lock, which can be accessed from inside. You’ll find that pins and chains and even bolts are some of the most practical and effective options.

Install Commercial Grade Locks

This might not seem logical to you but you actually stand to benefit from having a commercial grade lock installed on your sliding door. A commercial lock can be installed on various types of sliding doors. You can use a standard key and lock type and even get one that has a battery powered audible alarm.

Home Alarm System

We would highly recommend that you allow a Surprise, Arizona locksmith to handle the job of connecting your sliding glass door to your home alarm system just like you would to any other door in your home. It’s important that you are notified as soon as there is an attempted burglary made via your sliding glass door. An alarm will immediately alert you to this. You would be surprised to know that almost every home we service with a sliding glass door is left vulnerable to a break-in due to lack of security on the sliding glass door.

Why Act Now

Just because you are considering doing something about your sliding glass door doesn’t mean that you will. Take action now because if you don’t, you may be setting yourself up for an intrusion. This doesn’t have to happen if you take the steps to do something about it today. We suggest that if you’re thinking about it, it is obvious of serious concern to you. Why not start by applying the simplest technique to securing your door, securing it with a dowel, at least until you can do something more substantial. The tragedy would be that if you were thinking about doing something about it and you actually experienced a burglary. You might never be able to forgive yourself for not taking the right steps in securing your home, possessions and loved ones.  You have the necessary tools to secure your sliding glass door at your finger tips, the key to remaining safe and securing your sliding glass door is to do something with the information that has been provided to you.

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