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Do You Want to Enhance Your Home Security? Here's Why Locks With Master Pins are a Lousy Idea at Your Place

A master key lock is a pin-tumbler lock allowing a lock to open with two or more various keys. Master pins are utilized to pin up locks so that one master key will function in the lock, as well as a change key. This is what’s usually used in door locks in buildings with numerous occupants, such as hotels, apartment houses, storage facilities, and businesses. All tenants are given a key that unlocks only their own door, called a change key. The master key unlocks all the doors in the building.

At an elementary school, for example, the custodian often has a master key that will function in every classroom, but each teacher will have a change key, which works only for a specific classroom. There are also subordinate master keys, which typically open every room on one floor of a dormitory or office building. Moreover, a grand master key will open all of the rooms in a whole office building, hotel, or dormitory. There’s also a great grand master key, which will open all the doors for an entire college campus, or every single office in a commercial building complex. The higher you go, the more intricate it becomes. Overall, the lock’s pin stacks have multiple key pins and master wafers above the key pins, allowing several keys to function in one lock.

By contrast, a residential lock at your home is different. It has only one shear line, which means that there’s one possibility only for the split to occur between the driver pins and the key pins and the ~ so only one unique key will work. If you were to introduce master pins into the pin stacks, you would have at least two shear lines for each pin stack with a master pin installed. Essentially, that means you just shouldn’t do it, because there will be more ways for a criminal to pick the lock, since there are more possibilities of creating a shear line. In a master-keyed lock, all, or at least some, of the pin stacks in the lock have three pins rather than two. Between the driver pin and the key pin is a third pin, referred to as the spacer pin. Each pin line has two shear points, one where the spacer pins and driver meet, and one where the key pins and spacer meet. The lock opens with two keys: One key aligns the first set of shear points, and the other key aligns the second set. These locks are manufactured so that one set of shear points is unique for each lock, while the second set is identical for all the locks. A more secure kind of lock mechanism has two discrete tumblers, each of which is opened by one key.

A typical method professional thieves apply is snap guns and lock bumping. A standard pin tumbler lock by itself is susceptible to lock picking. To prevent this from happening, superior-security cylinders contain specialized security pins, which are designed to catch in the lock cylinder if a snap gun or bump key is used, thus making it much harder for a crook to break in.

You can upgrade your locks. Explore your many options first. As any professional locksmith will tell you, deadbolts are a good way to increase your security at your home. A deadbolt lock is, hands down, better than a basic lock. There are actually many different kinds of deadbolts. You may desire a deadbolt with an interior thumbturn, which you can operate without grasping. You may want to look into a bump-proof lock or combination door lock.

You can augment your security, right away. A burglar often acts from convenience. So if any lock has an obvious weakness, it will be an easy target. Some locks are less difficult to bump or pick, and others are nearly impossible to penetrate. Combination locks and padlocks are particularly vulnerable. No home can ever be completely impermeable, but anywhere you are, you can take reasonable measures to improve your security.

There is an almost endless list of various sorts of locks, so you cannot actually ever know about them all. Therefore, before you install locks, do your homework. It’s also smart to bring your questions to an expert locksmith you can trust, who can advise you on all your property’s security issues. If you reside in Surprise, Arizona, consider choosing an accomplished mobile residential locksmith specialist such as those on staff at Surprise Secure Locksmith.

Go high-tech. Is it time to go digital? You can choose to replace all traditional locks with electronic door locks. It’s an excellent way to secure your home, and it doesn’t require any keys whatsoever. Keyless locks offer new horizons today in security technology. They work with remotes; with keypads; with an alarm system with a remote code; from your smart device; and even with biometrics (eye scans, fingerprints, hand prints, and so on). New innovations continue, which could soon become commonplace ~ such as voice recognition, ear scans, and even DNA sampling and heartbeat recognition! The systems that function with your smart device are ideal when you are on vacation, because you can monitor all activity while you’re gone, and be alerted immediately at any sign of trespass. You may want to put timers on radios, TVs, lights, and so forth, to make it appear that you are still home, an effective way to prevent a robbery.

Most keyless systems give you attractive features providing added convenience and safety. When you get accustomed to the system that’s right for you, keyless locks are relatively easy to use. They’re also ideal for kids, since your children often forget their keys, but they can usually recall a simple code number you can all agree upon. Or, if you’re frustrated because you’re always misplacing your keys, then perhaps you’ll want to decide to go keyless.

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