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When to Replace Locks

At first it seems simple; replace your locks whenever needed! How hard is that? If it was that simple our Surprise Secure Locksmith techs wouldn’t be asked all the time when it’s time to replace locks. The simple truth is this; a lot depends on when or even if you replace your locks. You might find that rekeying your locks works just as well. You might HAVE to replace your locks and be left with no other alternative. The real question is; what are YOUR needs?
What lock replacement means…?

Lock replacement is just that – full replacement of the entire lock. The original lock is removed and a new one takes its place. Naturally you’ll need new keys in order to lock or unlock it. This is NOT a rekey but it is often called a change-out. Rekeys keep the original lock and only the inside pins and springs are replaced. There are many similarities and differences, but just remember that a lock replacement is just like it sounds; full replacement of the whole lock. Prices here in Surprise, Arizona reflect that rekeys are a little less expensive than replacements but to be sure, call your favorite local locksmith shop and get some price quotes and have your questions answered by the pros.

Residential lock replacement

You come home from a nice dinner and instantly notice something wrong; your locks were broken into! After finding that your house is safe to enter and that the intruders are gone, you get a frightening thought; how can stay there tonight with no locking door? How can you leave for work in the morning? This is a classic case of needing a lock replacement. No rekey job will help here! You need to call a 24-hour emergency locksmith for help and here in Surprise, AZ, there are several of them, including ours.

Let’s do another scenario. Say that the break-in happened to your neighbor and not to you. Your door locks were left untouched, but the intrusion did make you think! Are your locks adequate or are they easy to pick open? Is it time to upgrade to newer, stronger locks that offer greater protection? You talk to your spouse and decide that it is time for a lock upgrade. You guessed it – upgrading your home door lock involves replacing it with a stronger, more secure one.

Lock replacement for cars

The same scenario above also applies to cars and other automotive vehicles. Cars are broken into and stolen all the time and if the lock involved was rendered useless, it’s time to replace it. These car locks can be on the trunk, on the door, or they can be for the ignition. Sometimes the glove compartment is ransacked as the crook was looking for registration, insurance, wallets or even remote controls. A new lock can be installed on the glove box or an older, weaker one can be replaced.

Some people want better car locks and others want upgrades like keyless entry systems along with keyless remotes. These cases require replacing the old lock with these upgrades. Also, there is a huge business involving car repos, car auctions, estate auctions and probate sales involving personal property and cars. Many times, keys are not present or included in the transaction and the new owners want new locks installed for a “fresh start.”

Commercial lock replacement

There are thousands of businesses in the Surprise metro area and each one of them is protected by locks. Commercial lock replacement usually occurs when companies change hands and new owners want a “make-over” with better, stronger locks in place of the previous older ones. Crime is not high in our town but break-ins and lock damage do occur on occasion, and this also necessitates lock replacement.

Advances in new commercial lock technology also plays a big part in commercial lock replacement as stronger, more upgrades versions appear on the market. Local companies can use everything from deadbolts and padlocks to biometric entry systems and advanced electronic access control. In many cases, lock upgrades can be a business tax write-off so making improvements to a local commercial building or location can be beneficial in many ways.

Local businesses come in many forms. Locally, we have apartment rentals, beauty shops, fine dining, home improvement, laundromats, fast food, private schools, medical clinics, attorneys, home builders, convenience stores, grocery outlets, movie theaters, electronics stores, hotels, hospitals, dentists, and thousands more. We have locks on front and back doors, offices, bathrooms, conference rooms, lockers, desks, file cabinets, storage rooms, break rooms, lounges and literally all over town. With technology changing, improving and advancing, business owners and managers are always interested in improving profits as well as safety and security for their customers, staff and inventory.

Not sure yet?

Each person has unique lock needs and requirements. If reading the above leaves you still unsure about lock replacement, we encourage you to call our shop or that of your favorite local locksmith. We deal with lock and key needs and requirements on a daily basis so a full service locksmith is always in a good position to answer your questions and to provide useful recommendations and ideas.

Weigh several factors; cost, need and future plans. If you are selling your home, car or business and you want to list newer, stronger locks as an upgrade; replacement may be a good idea. If you want greater peace of mind, security and to have the latest in quality lock hardware; replacement may be for you. Most locksmith shops offer free price quotes and are reasonably priced. It’s best to look for a locksmith that offers round the clock emergency service for those times when urgent help is required. Be sure to add your locksmith’s contact number to your smart phone. If you run a local business, be sure that all of your partners and senior managers also have access to your 24-hour lock professional. Good locks offer enhanced security and if you or your close associates need locks replaced; be sure and do it!

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