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How Weather Changes Affect Your Locks

We seldom consider why are locks are giving us trouble until we start to have trouble with using our keys. Usually, our first thought is what is wrong with my key when in reality it may not be the key at all that is the problem, rather, it could be the lock. There are many factors that can contribute to a lock becoming ineffective. The one way that most people might be familiar with is due to someone attempting to break-in. This can definitely damage the locks of your door. However, you may not be aware of the fact that the change in weather can also adversely affect your locks. As the weather changes, locks are compromised in various ways. Here is what you might experience during certain times of the year.

Warm to Hot (Spring & Summer) Months

So the common problem that homeowners and businesses may experience during the summer are jammed locks. This is when your lock will only turn in one position or not at all. The problem is generally found to occur with exterior doors. The higher temperatures cause the doors frame to get a little wider. If you have experienced this problem, you may also have a deadbolt lock that is also closed, on the door. This within itself will compromise the locks as the door continues to begins to widen around it. Anyone who has wooden doors will notice this problem more so than those who have steel or fiberglass doors. This is because wood is a material that can easily expand and contract, depending on the temperature outside.

Cool to Cold (Fall & Winter) Months

At Surprise Secure Locksmith in Surprise, Arizona, we experience an increase in lock related issues more often during the colder months of the year, especially winter since it often occurs once the temperature is below freezing. In this instance, the door actually does the opposite; it contracts rather than expands. This creates a problem with the lock and door. You may notice an issue with your key not turning when you are either unlocking or locking a deadbolt lock. Yeah, now you see, huh! The problem isn’t the key; it’s the contracting of the door due to the colder weather. Finally, you have an answer to your question. You might find that you can get the lock to open once you pull the door in in order to re-align the lock with the frame of the door. This is not a solution, it is simply a temporary solution that will enable you to lock or unlock your door. The problem, if not addressed by a professional locksmith service, will get worse. You will eventually not be able to unlock or lock the door.

Cold Temperatures and Your Car Locks

Ok, so here is the real bummer. Motorists have found a problem with being able to unlock their car doors because the door is completely frozen. Moisture inside the lock makes it impossible for the door to open, either with a key or remotely. We know this may sound strange but the solution could be for you to simply heat up your key prior to inserting it back inside the lock. Be advised, this doesn’t always help the situation but it won’t hurt to try before contacting a locksmith. If you have a newer model car with remote-start, the engine can sometimes heat up the car to the point of unfreezing the locks. If you would like to try these remedies before contacting a locksmith, you have to know that they may or may not work. However, if you want a sure way to get back into your car as quickly as possible, turn to the services of a local Surprise, Arizona locksmith for immediate assistance.

Preventative Tactics

Unless you have experienced a problem with your locks swelling and not being able to open the door due to this issue, you can only ‘imagine’ how frustrating this situation can be. If you do not want to experience this problem, here are some measures you can take to avoid this from happening to you. It begins with your choice of locksmiths. Select a reputable locksmith service, such as, Surprise Secure Locksmith who can properly install your locks so that it will minimize the chances of this occurring due to the changes in weather.

We know that wooden doors are more attractive than other types of doors offered to you but in order to avoid the problems that occur due to the change in weather, you might want to consider replacing them. There are certain types of doors that are less likely to cause you this type of problem no matter what the temperature is outside. You have the option of choosing a steel door or fiberglass door. Now-a-days, manufacturers are making even these types of doors more attractive than in years past. You are not short on options when it comes to doors.

Finally, lubricating the locks of your doors makes it easy for you to turn them. This is true even when the temperature fluctuate. The correct way to lubricate your locks is to disassemble the lock before hand. If you don’t know how to do this, your best bet is to rely on the services of an experienced locksmith. No matter what type of locks you have, they are more likely able to handle the job than anyone else.

Calling a Locksmith

We have already mentioned at what point it may be necessary to contact a locksmith. Lets recap. If you are locked out in the cold and you do not want to waste time trying to figure out what the problem is or take the measures mentioned above to warm your locks, call a locksmith. When you need someone to take your locks apart in order to lubricate them, turn to a reputable and reliable locksmith. When you need to simply have the locks replaced get the help of a locksmith.

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