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Keyless entry systems are a very common feature found in the busiest buildings. You would have seen them in hospitals, schools, churches, corporate offices, apartment complexes and anywhere else that gets a high influx of people entering and exiting throughout the day. 

For businesses, keyless locks can bring a lot of security benefits. Having these installed means that you’ll never have to worry about keys falling into the wrong hands, nobody will be able to sneak into your building after hours, and you won’t need to keep changing locks every time a key has been lost or misplaced. 

Keyless systems come in different variations. Some are definitely more sophisticated than others, and they may be better suited for smaller or larger businesses. It would be wise to talk to a commercial locksmith about the options available before settling on a system for your property. That way, you’ll be able to know exactly what kind of security you are getting from your keyless locks, as well as whether these are in line with your commercial needs and, most importantly, your budget.

To get you thinking about which commercial keyless lock may be the best choice for your business, here is a basic outline of some of the most popular options around.

Intercom systems

Probably the most popular choice of them all. These don’t need much of an introduction: You’ve definitely seen them in residential apartments, just as you would have previously seen them in offices. Intercom systems often come with special swipe cards and key fobs for people who need easy access to the building they have been fitted into. The best thing about these keyless locks is that you can control who can access the property through this system, adding or deleting people as needed.

Card access systems

Also known as proximity locks, these give you as much control over who can access a property as you wish. That means these locks are a great theft deterrent, whether the culprit is an employee or an unwanted intruder. As with intercoms, individuals can be added or deleted quite easily once these have been installed, taking away the need to fully replace your security if it has been tampered with in any way. 
A basic breakdown of some of the benefits of card access systems include:

  • Monitoring who enters/exits the property at any given time
  • Restricting access to certain areas during business hours 
  • Preventing unwanted access to the building after hours

Similarly, these come with the option of setting up master key systems that only managers and owners have access to. These can be programmed to grant access to specific rooms or even full access to all doors in the building in case something goes amiss.

Commercial electronic keypad locks 

Similar in function to the card system, only it comprises a special entry combination. You can have unique numbers for each employee, meaning that if someone gets hold of your code it can be changed in a very efficient manner. In case of emergencies, most models will have a special key that overrides the code, so you won’t need to worry about getting locked out if a system malfunctions. What’s more, many models these days are wireless – making them cheaper to install, fully useable during power outages and very simple to handle whenever a new battery is called for. 

Keypad lever combo

Think of these as an addition to electronic keypad locks. They bring the exact same benefits as your standard electronic keypad, only differing in the variety of access options users can choose from. With a lever combo, access to the building can be granted using a card, fob or key code.

Manual keypad locks for commercial operations

A good option for smaller businesses. With manual keypad locks, codes can be changed quite easily, and there is never any need to worry about wires or batteries as there are no electronics involved. Businesses can choose from a wide range of options, including:

  • Deadbolt keypads – these can be left unlocked during different times of the day without any issues. 
  • Storeroom keypad – locks the door behind you as soon as you close it
  • Knob and deadbolt combo – combines two locking mechanisms for an additional layer of security 

So you want to install a keyless entry system

Proper security is a serious investment for all business operations, big or small. A reliable commercial locksmith will make things a lot easier for you in the long haul. Not only can you trust them to have access to a wide variety of keyless technologies, you can expect them to know how to install and maintain these with precision. Locksmith installations, repairs and replacements are quite affordable, and a lot of businesses will provide you with a free consultation and price quote too.

A few quick tips if you’ve never hired a commercial locksmith before:

  • Always go for a local business with a fully verifiable address
  • If possible, get a few recommendations from people you trust – great reputation travels through word of mouth
  • Call the commercial locksmith and get information about their licensing, insurance, as well as a full breakdown of installation costs. Never hire a locksmith that refuses to provide crucial information like a full business name or other credentials upon request 

Is your business based in Surprise, Arizona? Then make sure to contact Surprise Secure Locksmith when looking into a keyless system for your commercial property. Our licensed and insured professionals are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our options, the installation process, or anything else that’s on your mind. We have an array of commercial options you can choose from, so if you need anything else – let us know.

Whether you are based in Surprise, AZ, or anywhere else in the world, we hope you are able to use this start guide to make a wise security decision. Find a great commercial locksmith in your area to truly reap the benefits that come from the latest keyless technologies. With your newly-acquired knowledge and a little bit of planning, you are well-placed to make a really great investment for your commercial property.  

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